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5 Free Blank Invoice Forms for Professionals

When you are a sole proprietor of a small business with a small amount of staff and a limited period of time it must be critical for you to stay professional and organized in this competitive era. Definitely, your intention is to offer excellent services and invoice items in your domain. Apart from this, it is also important to invoice for excellent services and products ensuring you get paid and your revenue flow remains constant to grow your company. Some of you might find it difficult to create invoices and you must have your reasons for that, but it is mandatory for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to send invoices for the hard work they have done for the clients. Well, creating invoices is not that difficult as you think, there are many free blank invoice forms available for the professionals from where they can create outstanding invoices without much effort.

27% of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) admitted that they have a hard time creating and sending invoices – HubSpot Research

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To help you remain organized and well-maintained for the services you are providing, we are going to discuss the blank invoice templates that you can customize according to your business or industry-specific requirements and easy to use. The first step is to choose online blank invoice forms in which you can add your business logo, business details, services and products, payment terms and conditions, etc. and create a clean, branded and professional invoices and send it to the clients along with the final work. Let’s see how you can choose the blank template that is absolutely perfect fit for your business.

How to choose the blank invoice template suits your business

We all know that sending an invoice is not the only solution that fulfills all your business needs, but it is the most important aspect of the business that helps you get paid in the most professional manner. Selecting an appropriate template is also another critical task. Different industries need to include different types of details according to their businesses.

To help you choose the best invoice template we have included various types of invoice templates in our previous blog – Best Free Printable Invoice Templates. These templates help you create invoices that are easy to fill out, quick to send and print and are suitable to your business branding needs. You need to make sure that the invoice template you choose reflects your brand. According to that, you need to modify the templates and itemize services, costs, payment terms, and conditions. So, choose your free blank invoice forms in any format but just be very careful when you are new to invoicing. Here are 5 types of blank invoice templates that you can consider for your business invoicing.

5 free blank invoice forms for professionals

The chosen blank invoice for professionals should be consistent with branding style and the template you have selected is printer-friendly no matter in which format (Microsoft Word, Google docs, Microsoft Excel or PDF) template so that you can send it to your client via post or you can keep it in your records as a physical copy. If you are looking for the faster-invoicing process, you can choose among the below 5 free blank invoices that are suitable for your business requirements.


Professional services invoice

Professional services invoices templates are helpful in many ways for any kind of business from accounting to consulting. This type of blank invoice template is ideal to impress your clients with your tailored information such as the logo and the details for the services and products to make your customers understand your invoice in a professional way.

Sales invoice

Whether you are a shop owner, fashion designer or doing any business related to sales you should choose a blank sales invoice template that offers you to create beautifully-designed sales invoices to identify the purchases your clients have made that will make them come back to you for more purchases.

 Contractor invoice

If you are a contractor, it is important for you to send out payment requests on a regular base. As you must be charging weather hourly or on some fixed rates. So it is really important for you to choose the right contractor invoice template that helps you include all the details about the services you have provided. In our previous article, we have included Best Free Printable Invoices For Contractors, check out this blog and take the right decision for invoicing.

Simple invoice

Simple but professional templates are designed for the business owners who are little conscious about their extra expenses and learning to go up in their business and they want to be professional in the market. This simple and sober template gives them the freedom to explain their payment request in a very simple way and help them get paid on time. With a simple invoice template, they can download and send it without much hassle.

Small business invoice

As a small business owner, you definitely want to take care of your customers as you want to grow your business day by day. For such purpose, small business invoices are designed to help small business owners stay in the competition. Being a small business owner, there are lots of things that you have to take care of, in this situation, small business invoices help you get paid quickly.

Download the free blank invoice template designed for professionals

Now that you have selected a blank invoice template, the next thing you need to do is simply download that selected invoice template weather it is Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or PDF template, fill it out details, customize it, give a professional touch and you are ready to send invoices quickly.

How to send a blank invoice template to your clients


Once you have selected and customized the appropriate invoice template suitable to your business needs, it is your time to send an invoice. Let’s send it faster to your clients via mail or email.

  1. Find the suitable invoice template for your business
  2. Download it and customize fields
  3. Double-check the information
  4. Name the template whichever is suitable
  5. Send the final invoice form through Email/Post
  6. Print and keep it in your record

How to get clients to pay you on time

Now that you have sent an invoice, it is your duty to get paid on time. There are certain ways you have to follow once you send an invoice template to the clients. Once you send it to the customer, make sure you talk to the client and make them aware that you have sent them a request for the payment. Then when they pay on time send them to thank you email or post as a sweet gesture. But, in case they missed to pay on time for any reason, take follow up from them and send them gentle reminders for the invoice template you have created. Sending reminders does not mean that you are being rude to them, but in fact, it is a gentle way of asking for the money you have earned.

Free blank invoice templates for professionals offer a convenient and easy-to-use solution for all your business needs. It also helps you save the time you spend on making a professional template and decrease your efforts in maintaining the trust you build for your clients. For more information keep visiting our blogs where we will update you about the best invoicing tactics that will be helpful for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an invoice for free?

Answer: There are many invoice template providers available in the market, it will help you make an invoice for free of cost. There are various types of professional templates, that you can choose based on your business requirements. You can modify it and send it all free of cost.

2. How do I create a fillable blank invoice form?

Answer: In this article, we have explained about the suitable blank invoice template for the professionals that you can choose according to your industry and business type. Fillable blank invoice forms are the easiest way to customize and add as many details as you can. Sometimes you can also find free versions are available in PDF documents. Just download the template, add the details (business name, logo, customer information, email address, services, and list of products or items, total, taxes, and payment terms and conditions) It gives you the freedom to modify the templates when you download a fillable blank invoice and start filling up the details, it will be easier for you to make professional invoice template.

3. How do I print blank invoice forms?

Answer: Whenever you choose a template, it is important that you check all features whether it is print enabled or not and there are other functions that are helpful for you before you download any invoice template. Just make sure that the template is customizable, flexible and easy-to-use which is the best way for invoicing. These little things help you create invoices in a faster way and reduce the extra efforts that will keep you spend time growing your business.

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