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Why You Should Have a Graphic Design Invoice?

Now a day, graphic designers working as freelancers are looking for easy ways to let their clients how much they need to pay for the services.  If you are one of those graphic designers running your own graphic design business, you deserve to get paid for the services at the right time, in fact as soon as the project is done.  No doubt, the clients will have a little idea about the approximate cost of the services they are going to get but still, they should know all the details about the services they got and the final amount they need to pay before they pay.  The graphic design invoice is the one and only solution for your requirements.  Let’s see how such invoices can ease your invoicing process.

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What Is a Graphic Design Invoice?

There are many graphic designers working on various projects and clients, to get paid on time, they need to bill the clients on time.  You must have discussed payments and the terms and conditions before taking the project.  But, to justify the services and cost you need to send them an invoice that helps them know exactly how much the project costs and how much the clients need to pay.  Graphic design invoice is a type of invoice that includes a breakdown of the services, prices, payment methods that ensures the designers get paid on time.

What Is a Graphic Design Invoice Used For?

Using various types of billings can be confusing for the clients especially when it comes to managing more than one project.  Invoicing is not at all a fun task; in fact, it is the most necessary task to keep clients informed in detail about the services they are getting, so that you get paid on time and support your professionalism.  Graphic design invoice is one of the easy solutions that can be used to give branding touch that can be streamlining your business process.

Graphic Design Invoice

A graphic design freelance invoice can be used for a wide range of projects and services like:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Corporate presentations
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Video making
  • Infographics
  • Social media graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Brochures

It does not matter what type of services you are providing to the clients and what graphic design projects you are working on, using an appropriate graphic design invoice template ensure that you are able to invoice your services straight away.  That is the reason it is necessary to understand why it is important to invoice for your graphic design project.

Why It Is Important To Invoice for Graphic Design Project?

As a professional graphic designer, you should have a payment collecting process that is streamlined and customized for your business.  This will be also helpful in keeping the graphic design projects and work you do and accounts organized and will keep you headache free when it’s time for income tax returns.  That is why it is very important to choose a graphic design invoice template that can fulfill all your specific needs.

Many graphic designers use some tools/ platforms to get paid instantly, but such platforms may charge them some additional charges to use the tool.  These tools can be sometimes difficult to use, include heavy charges and might be confusing for your business finances.  So, be very careful when you look for the best suitable invoice template and make sure it is customizable, easy to send, and does not have any hidden fees.

How to Create a Graphic Design Invoice?

Just like any other invoices, your invoice should look clean and easy to communicate.  It should not contain overloaded information that clients get confused, but it should have all the information that is essential for the client to understand your charges.  Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the layout and have to be clear in your thoughts about the details you are going to include.  So, now you must be thinking of how you can create a graphic design invoice? Here are the steps to remember while creating a professional graphic design invoice example for your clients.

Best Graphic Design Invoice

You Details and Client’s Details

This is one of the important sections of your invoice.  You need to make sure that you are including your business details in a way that the client recognizes that it is your brand and whenever they want to communicate the can easily communicate.  Apart from that, you also need to include the right client’s name and the person’s name who handles the particular department.  When you are sending an invoice into a small company, it is easier to communicate with the person who is handling the payment process, but when you are dealing with large organizations, there are high chances the invoices get misplaced, especially, when you are dealing with more than one project for the same client. So, whenever you are preparing your graphic design invoice template, you must include all your business information (e.g., your business name, business logo, address, telephone number, email address) and the client’s details (e.g., client’s company name, department, contact person, contact information – phone number, address) accurately.  So that if anyone from the client-side or the graphic designers gets stuck for the invoice related query they can reach out to each other.

Unique Numbers for Your Records

The next thing you need to have is a unique invoice number for the work you have done which will help you out in tracking the invoice.  For example, you are working on different projects for the same clients, and you need to send two different invoices you need to have two unique numbers so that you can easily track both the invoices.  So, always make sure that whatever number format you choose for invoice number should be systematic, constant, and chronological and remain the same whenever you make invoices.

Breakdown of Services

The core reason behind sending an invoice is to get paid for the services you have provided.   The most important thing to include in the invoice is the breakdown of the services with detailed description to tell them exactly for what they have received an invoice: for example, in project name- “Brochure Design”, Description – “Design of two-page brochure”, Rate- “$75 per hour”. Just be as specific as possible as you can.  Such a breakdown will help you and the customer both are clear about the invoice issue.  Along with the service breakdown, you also need to have a breakdown of prices and then include the total payable amount at the end of the breakdown and highlight the amount with bold letters so it is clearly visible to the person reading your invoice design.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions play a more important role when it comes to understanding the payment process.  By reading your terms and conditions clients will be sure about when the deadline is and what will be the late payment charges or interest charges.  It is advisable to include all the terms and conditions regarding payment into the invoice and make sure the customers clearly know about the payment terms and payment options before they make a payment.  One advantage will be there for both of you and customers because it will be on a paper trail in case of any kind of dispute.

Payment Methods

Many designers miss this chance to include the payment methods in their invoices and they assume that the client will pay by cheque or cash.  But on the other side, the client may not find it suitable to pay in that way.  So, it is better for both the client and designer to have the preferred payment method clearly mentioned in the graphic design invoice.  For example, if you want to get paid through a money transfer, you need to clearly mention your bank account details required for the money transfer.  In case, you want to get paid through the cheque, you have to make sure your address is right.  You can also communicate with the client in advance to avoid any kind of conflict.

Thank Your Clients

When it comes to money, it becomes a very touchy subject for both the designer and the client, so as a designer you need to be very polite while closing your invoice with a sweet and polite thank you note that also highlights your business branding.  You need to thank your client for the money they are paying for and let them know you appreciate it.  Along with this thank, you note you can also invite them to contact you in case of any queries and questions they might have.  Not only this, but you can also offer discounts for the next business, so it will be a good opportunity to grab the next project with the client.

In this thank you section some people also ask for feedback from the clients and this will also help you get the good/bad feedback from the client for your improvement.

Beautifully Frame Your Brand

Let’s imagine you went to one of the five-star restaurants and everything was so perfect, the food was excellent, the service was outstanding and one of the best in ambiance but when you receive the bill printed on cheap paper with low-quality, what will you remember at the end?  It’s human nature the bad impression remains in mind quickly.  That is the reason people spend their money and hours on website design, brochures, business cards, etc., to build a great impression on the clients.  As a graphic designer, you must design the invoice that shares the attention to detail followed by your branding and style.  By having such a creative, beautiful, and clear graphic design invoice template you can have the chance to get the future work based on your design elements.

Most importantly, check all the necessary information you have included in your invoice template.  Make sure the spacing is consistent and there are no spelling errors.  Your logo is beautifully placed and brand color and fonts are inserted according to your branding style.  Apart from that you also need to customize your invoice as per your business requirement.

Quick Tips to Skill Graphic Design Invoices

Now that you are following all the above-given steps to create a professional-looking stylish graphic design invoice to bill your clients and want to get paid on time.  Here are some more tips that you can follow along with the steps you are going to take while creating an invoice.

Tips to Skill Graphic Design Invoices

#1 Keep Your Branding Consistent

Whenever you choose graphic design invoice template PDF, Excel, Word, Google Doc, or Google sheets, you need to make sure that your branding style is consistent.  Take the extra time to add the right color combination and fonts that you use for your branding.  This little tip can help you take an extra step of professionalism.

#2 Add Some Charm

By default, people think that business and financial documents are a bit boring.  But as a graphic designer, you have the chance to prove them wrong.  So, why not add some charm to your invoice with some creativity? Well, you can try adding some creative characters or beautiful nature elements into your invoice template.  This tiny addition will highlight your graphic design skills and help you get paid for your work, and might also make someone happy by seeing your creativity.

#3 Give Modern Touch

Well, every designer has a different thought process, some belief in simplicity and some follow modern trends for their designs.  But, it is important to add some modern touch to your invoice along with the simplicity because it will help you prove that you know about all the modern trends and technologies.  When you first look at any document the first thing you will notice is the appearance and then you will focus on the details.  If the person has chosen you for the graphic work, the first thing he/she will notice the design you have presented.

#4 Be Artistic

A combination of the modern and simple yet creative invoices can drag the attention of the clients.  You need to think outside the box when it comes to being artistic. For that you can play with your font size for easy readability and also you can play with colors combinations for clear vision.  Use your scale, positioning, and right elements to justify the design.  If you feel that you can be more artistic, who don’t you try to bring some vintage charm introducing some texture and warm look for a vintage-inspired design look? Once you select the right texture and elements pairing with warm tones, it will really evoke the vintage feeling.

#5 Do Not Leave Any Details Blank

Whenever you are creating an invoice template, make sure to not leave anything blank whether it is about the specific company name, the person you are addressing, their designation, or any terms and conditions that the client needs to know.  This may sound a lot to include but when it is included in a nice way, it adds specific details into the graphic design invoice.

#6 Uniqueness in Design

If you really want to show your design skills through the invoice you are sending, you need to take it to the next level which clients might not have seen before.  For that, it is essential that you add uniqueness in your invoice template maintaining the main purpose of the invoice.   The design should just stand out and be the voice of your brand maintaining the excitement and confidence for the work you have done.  It is good to keep in mind that your invoice design is the only voice that will help you get the money paid on time.

#7 Play with Colors

Colors play the most important role in human life, so does in your professional life.  Whenever it comes to payment-related matters, everyone gets scared no matter who that person is whether it is a service provider or it is the person who is taking the services.  That is the reason invoices play a maximum role in professional life. And at the customer side, they notice every tiny thing because they are going to pay for the services.

You need to make sure that the invoice template is as appealing as possible.  In this case, colors will help you get the maximum attention you want and make people notice.  You need to play with your branding colors to make the look more elegant.  When the clients will find the invoice interesting it will be a real kicker for you and if you get successful in getting the attention it is more likely to get paid early.  Not only this, you have to make sure that the printing paper color also matters when you print it and send it.

#8 Gentle Thank You Note

As a designer, you know that you cannot grow your business without having projects.  So, it is always best to include a short but gentle thank you note at the bottom of your invoice template to show your gratitude.

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No matter what method or tip you follow, you just need to remember that you are a designer and your clients pay for the designs you make for them.  So, it is very important that you also show your graphic skills through your invoice too, because it will help you justify the work you have.  It will be a great opportunity for you to illustrate your marketing collateral.  We, at MixBit, help you out creating the best suitable invoice templates according to your business needs and keep updating you about the latest happenings in the invoicing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an invoice?

Answer: There is a number of ways you can make an invoice design. You can make your own free graphic design invoice by following how make an invoice blog. However, you can also choose free graphic design invoice templates that are available for free of cost and you can customize them according to your branding needs. If you are doing a start-up business as a freelance designer, and you need to keep eye on your additional costs and hours you spend on creating invoice design, it is advisable that you choose a free graphic design invoice template.

2. How do I write a graphic design invoice?

Answer: Small business owners and large business owners always look for the design capabilities of the designer through the material they send out whether it is in form of a self employed invoice template or any other marketing collateral. Writing a graphic design invoice is similar to creating a normal invoice. The difference between a normal invoice and a graphic design invoice is the presentation of each of them. The normal invoice has the simple layout with just details included in the invoice template, whereas in the graphic design invoice templates the layout will be classy and stunning along with the graphic design work you have done for the customers. So, it is important that whenever you write invoice templates make sure you follow the steps and tips given in this article.

3. How do freelance graphic designers invoice?

Answer: freelance graphic designers invoice in the same way other freelancers do. They also try to create a free graphic design invoice to save some cost. But they also customize their invoices in a way that they can show their graphic skills in their graphic design invoice template. Some freelancers also create their own graphic design invoice templates for their graphic design work whereas some choose invoice generator and invoicing software. So, it completely depends on the designer how to freelance graphic design invoice and how they want to create an invoice design and send out their graphic design invoice templates.

4. How do I bill a graphic design service?

Answer: By sending appropriate invoices you will be able to bill your graphic design services. Keeping in mind about particular invoice examples will help you out in graphic design invoice templates for getting paid quickly. There are also free graphic design elements you can choose to design your sample invoices. You can choose any of the free graphic design invoice templates for your invoice design and send it effortlessly.

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