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Chapter 7

Benefits Of Invoicing Software and Mobile Invoicing

Author: Bhaval Patel

Benefits Of Mobile Invoicing

All the features and benefits of invoicing software that is mentioned above should convince you enough to adopt a similar solution in your business. The benefits of using invoicing software are further explained below.


  1. Create invoices faster and more accurately:the invoice creation of this software is different from the one you get using a word processor. An ideal invoice must possess an invoice number, different from the number on every other invoice sent out.

Aside from that, the invoice must contain the type of goods and services provided, contact details of buyer and seller of the products and services, date of issue, analysis of goods sold individually, the due date of payment, payment details, and total payable amount.

If all of these details have to be inputted manually by an individual, it will take a system at the same time to create more invoices for different customers. On a system, your job is to fill the variables.

  1. Generate invoices anywhere: Regardless of the location, small business owners or large industries can generate an invoice for customers, provided there is internet connectivity. Some of the software companies now offer a smartphone-compatible app. They allow invoices to be created anytime.  This task is impossible with a desktop program.
  1. Integrate invoicing with your key business systems: Aside from creating invoices with this software, you can integrate your finance and billing systems and control your financial reports as well as payroll on the online invoicing software. If you run an e-commerce business, for example, some software can be linked with your website and to your customers’ database to make things easy for you.

How Much Does Invoicing Software Cost?

You can purchase invoicing software with different packages. Either as a single application or a full program with accounting and financial packages. As regards the individual app, you won’t get a standalone software because it has to run with other programs to carry out its tasks. In other words, the software has to pair with other online tools that work for your business so you can enjoy its benefits.

There are different prices for invoicing software, ranging from small business free apps with a number of customers to a large number of customers and users. The different pricing is Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Regardless of your type of business, there’s always a plan that fits in your budget. To select a plan, you can compare different offers from the developers and consider the benefits and costs.

Free software may not have what you need to be competent with others in your business, and it is also essential to consider the cost of acquisition before making a final pick. However, the price increases as the package become more expansive.

What are the Common Invoicing Software Issues?

 Common Invoicing Software Issues

Invoicing software is regarded as one of man’s useful technologies in circulation; the development of the software has passed through different stages and modifications. In the course of making better software than the previous edition, they have had some issues that need a solution.

These are:

  • No Single Global Standard

Due to modern diversity, the invoicing environment is facing some complex problems in terms of general acceptability. There are different acceptable standards for different settlements and variations in different tax and finance systems all over the world.

There are also different compliance of invoices in different parts of the world. For these reasons,  it is tough for solution providers to find a balance between different compliance.

  • Fail-safe System

With all the available security to protect everyone, an online system can’t have a “no entry” fortress. This means that every system online can be breached by serious hackers. The security of every user database on the system has to be assured by the online vendor to be tight. This may require the service of a third-party security provider to help with safety measures.

Latest 2020 Trends in Invoicing Software

We have highlighted some of the key invoicing software trends to watch:

  1. Government-led Adoption

The proving of time and cost-saving features with the use of invoicing software have made the governments of regions like South America, Mexico, Scandinavia advise business owners to adopt this system of billing.

Other developed nations in Europe, as well as South Africa and Australia, have started pushing to reach an agreement with the government to comply with the e-invoicing adoption. Some years ago, the US Budget office instructed every government agency to adopt e-invoicing, while the EU declared that every Public Administrator accept e-invoices in 2018.

  1. The Driver of The Real-Time Economy

The efficiency and accuracy of invoicing software information of data between the buyer and seller have helped businesses and governments to start arriving at a real-time marketplace. With this data solution, the buyer and seller need little time in solving issues related to payment or purchase as there is a quick response from the buyer if confusion arises.

  1. AI and Automation of The Invoicing Process

With invoicing software is bringing in lots of solutions, invoicing tasks can be carried out in an automated response. While the automatic response is generated, the business owner does not have to bother about dealing with financial reports and manually.

This solution reduces errors and helps to keep track of delayed payments and unfinished transactions. Invoicing solutions and artificial intelligence will help solve problems in the business and enlarge the financial process. AI will also provide a solution for identifying fraudulent invoices and increase cash flow.

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