Chapter 3

Improving Your Customer Support with Invoice E-payment

Author: Bhaval Patel

Quick and Excellent Customer Support with Invoice E-payment

Customer Support with Invoice E-payment

Buying different things online has been made easy because of the online payment scheme, even phone bills can be paid online. Can your clients pay their invoices online too through invoice e-payment? The answer is yes.

Allowing invoice e-payment in your business transactions can make things very easy for your business. You won’t have to bother about losing money, and you get to spend less time complaining about bouncing checks and the long deposit queue in the bank. You even get paid on time with invoice e-payment.

With the addition of invoice e-payment options on your invoice, your client may even benefit from the ease and stress-free transactions.
Listed below are the four ways ePayment can help you build excellent customer service and relationships.

  • Sales Convenience

If you’re the type that always emails invoices, your email box will get filled with different invoices to a different client. As you receive a new order to email an invoice, the previous one is swept under the new email, coupled with other notifications you receive. The same thing happens when your customer searches their email box for an invoice before the payment is overdue after receiving other alerts.
Adding an invoice e-payment option will reduce the stress, so the client doesn’t get to the bank all the time. They can easily enter their card details and make instant payment, while you receive an alert of the payment.

  • Reduced Complaints

While late payments will always attract charges and may cause some setbacks, some clients may find it difficult to leave their workplace to deposit in the bank. An invoice e-payment option will help create a database for keeping the client payment info after making the first payment. With this, they don’t have to go through inputting card information again when they need to make a payment, especially if it is a weekly payment.

A few clicks will get the job done, and the payment is made. If you have a new client trying out different outlets for a handyman service, with this ePayment information stored safely in a database, he or she will likely patronize you again because of less stress in making a payment.

  • Outshine The Competition

The type of service you render to your customers should not be stressful, hence the need for quick payment options. You can separate your brand from other competitors when you extend your stress-free service to the aspect of making payments. When clients make an easy payment, they can always settle with you because of the service you render throughout the process.

A new client will do business with you again if there’s an option for customers to make payments easily without stress.

  • Provide Options

This will help your customers make payments on the go. uIt you have an internet connection, a smartphone or tablet, they can type in their card details to make a payment as soon as they acquire your service. You won’t have to bother about bounced checks too if your customer while you have made it easy for the customer to make payment.

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