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Chapter 15

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Author: Bhaval Patel

Best Ways to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Small business owners require simple and easy to use invoicing solutions to send invoices to their customers. They can make an invoice in Google Docs, either by designing from scratch or downloading fresh templates. Google Docs helps you prepare invoices, and you can save them to your cloud storage, where it can be accessed anytime.

Best Ways to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

How to Prepare an Invoice with Google Docs

For small business owners, making invoices in Google Docs can be done with the following steps:

How to Prepare an Invoice with Google Docs

Log In To Your Gmail Account

The first step to take to start creating invoices is logging in your Google account. You need a Gmail account to make use of Google Docs tool. If you’re new to the system, you have to create a Google account, but if you have a Gmail account,  you can proceed.  Creating or signing up for a Gmail account is easy; you just need to follow the instructions.

Open The Template Gallery

After you have logged in, you’ll be directed to Google Docs homepage. At the top o the page, you’ll find a template gallery containing templates for several document types. You can narrow down your search but typing “invoice” in the search bar.

Select The Preferred Template

After browsing through different templates and you have found one that’s good for your business, click on it to have a full view. Selecting your preferred template means the template has what your business needs for proper invoicing.

Save The Template

When you find the best template for your business and have viewed it, you can save it in your drive, then feel free to name it so you can remember whenever you’re ready to prepare an invoice. To name the document, click on the title box and type the name. Hit enter when you’re done naming it.

Prepare A Fresh Invoice

When you’re ready to start creating invoices with Google Docs, login and open the saved invoice template. Click on File to create a new copy. Use a copy of the saved invoice template when you have to create an invoice, so you don’t save on an existing invoice.

Edit The Invoice

After you’ve created a new copy of the invoice template, edit all the required fields so the details of the project will reflect. You must always include this information into every invoice you generate:

  • Your Business or brand logo
  • Your business contact details
  • Customer’s contact information, as well as their name
  • Date invoice was created
  • Invoice number
  • A detailed list of all the service you offered the customer with the hours and appropriate hourly rate if applicable
  • Subtotal of all the listed services tabulated in rows and column
  • Total fee after adding up all the subtotal
  • The date the payment will be due
  • Your payment terms and policies, including all the methods of payment you accept

Select A Unique Means Of Identification For Your Invoices

Each time you create an invoice, it is required of you to name the invoice with a certain convention appropriately, so you don’t mix them up. In Google Drive, you can create a folder for all the invoices after creating and naming them.

A common way of naming invoices is by using the invoice number and date or customer’s name. For instance, if you created an invoice in March 2017, with an invoice number of 112, the name of the invoice could be “Invoice112_0317” you can add the customer’s name at the end.

Send The Invoice To Your Customer

After you’ve created the invoice for your customer and you’re satisfied with the layout, from Google Docs, you can share it with the customer. Click the blue-button that directs you to share the File, at the upper right-hand side. Type in your customer’s email address and complete it with a friendly note, then click send.

You can as well download the invoice from Google Docs and send it through email to your customer. The preferred format, in this case, would be PDF so that no one can edit the invoice. When you are ready to send, you’ll find the invoice in the downloads folder of your PC, after saving to your drive where your invoices are kept you can now send.

How to Create Free Invoices

Today, you’ll find several invoicing solutions to help you with invoices, chief among them is MixBit invoicing software which provides you with different templates for different industries and businesses. You can freely download the invoice templates in Word, Excel, and PDF formats and personalize them.

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