make an invoice in open office

Chapter 16

How to Make an Invoice in OpenOffice

Author: Bhaval Patel

Steps to Make an Invoice in OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a program that’s free and has a Word program as part of its suite. Small businesses can easily make an invoice in OpenOffice. Word program in this suite is called OpenOffice Writer and can be used for generating different documents.

To prepare an invoice in OpenOffice, you have to first download and personalize one of its invoicing templates. If you’re looking for another convenient way of creating your invoice, MixBit invoicing software is another invoicing solution that will get your customers to pay you faster.

Steps to Make an Invoice in OpenOffice

This aspect of the guide covers:

  • Downloading OpenOffice
  • Opening OpenOffice Writer
  • Choosing a Template to Create Invoice
  • Personalizing the Template
  • Saving and Sending the Invoice

Downloading OpenOffice

  • On your web browser, search and download the free software suite.

Opening OpenOffice Writer

When you install the OpenOffice, you can start using it. When you open the program, you’ll see a pop-up requesting what application you wish to open. Click on “Text Document” or “OpenOffice,” depending on what shows up on the version you download. After that, you’re set to use OpenOffice for your invoice.

Choosing a Template to Create Invoice

You’ll find templates on or click an option on the screen that reads, thus “Get more templates for OpenOffice.”

You can also get templates by following directions when you click on “File.” When you’re on the page where you’ll select templates, type “Invoice” into the search bar, also, on the navigation page, there’s a search bar on the left hand. Filter your search by clicking “Writer.”

Select your preferred format and download your best template. The File will automatically be available on your PC. You can access the downloaded template in the Downloads folder of your PC.

Personalizing your Template

After downloading the template for your invoice, you can personalize what you want on it. You can add your brand logo by inserting a picture of it from. Click on File and then insert to direct you to where the image is. If you have the image ready on your desktop, you can drag it into space in your invoice template.

Include all the necessary details like your business name and information, your customer’s contact information, products and services, and their description, invoice number, payment terms, and accepted payment methods, date, and due date of payment.

Saving and Sending the Invoice

After creating the invoice, click on “File” and save from there. You can as well print a hard copy and mail it to your client or email it to a client from your PC.

To learn how to create an invoice in PayPal, follow these steps:

  • Sign in on if you are new to PayPal, sign up
  • Click on  the “Send and Request” tab at the top of the page
  • Click on “Send an Invoice”

Fill in all fields on the template. Include your business name and contact information, your customer’s contact information, invoice number, date, products or services with appropriate descriptions, hourly rate and subtotal if applicable, tax charge and discounts if applicable, your payment terms and policies, payment methods and due date of payment.

Don’t forget to add a friendly short note at the bottom of the invoice.

  • Import files if needed
  • Select preview after you’ve filled all spaces and cross-check all details of the invoice

You can copy the link to the invoice and send it through email or send it directly from PayPal. PayPal can help you email the invoice to your customer when you’re ready.

You’re done.

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