Invoice Tracker Template for Small Businesses

Chapter 33

Invoice Tracker Template for Small Businesses

Author: Bhaval Patel

Why Should You Have an Invoice Tracker Template?

Most small business owners keep track of their invoices. Tracking the invoice is very important because failure in getting miss-matched payments can lead to less profit from your business or service. Keeping a separate note for tracking invoice can also lead to complications. These are the issues that inspired us to build a registry tool that addresses these issues. This invoice tracker template helps you keep the records safe and check data on the invoices. 

The invoicing tracker also allows you to compare month by month with a graphical representation if necessary. The invoice tracker records the invoice number and helps to understand your receiving payments and your outstanding payment in a structured manner.

Keeping track of payments from customers and sale invoices is very important for small businesses. This invoice tracker will allow you to track all your sales invoices. The spreadsheet template will calculate outstanding balance amounts with the formulas when you enter the customer’s payments. You’ll never have to miss an unpaid invoice again.

Features of Invoice Tracker Template

  •   Calculate expected payments in the immediate future
  •     Track invoice in one place
  •     Identify specific invoices that are due and by how long
  •     Simple and easy to use
  •     Calculate how much amount is outstanding
  •     Easy to identify owed amounts by customer

Invoice Online or On The Go

It is quite tedious for small businesses to receive payment in part because the payment process can be tedious.

For example, if you need to receive a deposit before you render a service, you need to issue an invoice, send it through the mail, wait for the check or transfer before receiving you can receive your funds. The easiest way to eliminate these steps is to enable mobile payment.

You can quickly generate the invoice on your phone and receive payment through the customer’s credit card. Using a mobile invoicing software will allow you to bill your client easily, monitor the amount paid, and track your invoice number easily with a convenient invoice tracking tool that does the work for you.

Collecting your deposit immediately will save you a lot of time and mental energy. You can easily set up mobile payments, especially if you’re using accounting software or invoice tracking tools like MixBit, which directly import your payments into your accounting dashboard.

Here are things to note about when setting up a mobile payments system:

What Can I Do on My Phone?

I’m sure you’re wondering how much can be done from your mobile phone – the MixBit invoicing software for Androids, iPads, and iPhones gives you all the essentials needed to run your business smoothly.

  •     Access your customer and product lists
  •     See a quick overview of your annual and monthly sales
  •     Create and send the invoice using invoice templates
  •     Track expenses, received invoice amount, using OCR technology to scan and read images of your receipts
  •     Keep track of payments, and enter new amounts whenever you want

What is a Mobile Payment System?

Mobile payments are regulated transactions that take place using mobile wallets or money transfer via mobile devices. Instead of paying for an invoice in cash, check, or physical credit cards, mobile payment facilities allow users to do digital transactions from any corner of the world. 

Mobile payment sysytem

Benefits of Mobile Payments System

Mobile invoicing helps to simplify various workflows in your business, gives you predictability in your finance, and helps you get paid faster. It saves time and requires less workforce to manage your accounting.

  • Central Location for Client Information

You don’t have to lose your clients’ information or details anymore. A mobile interface allows you to directly input your clients’ details into an invoicing software with a tablet or mobile phone. Some store the information on your mobile phone while others send it into the cloud directly. Mobile invoicing software allows you to keep every detail with you all the time.

  • Instant Billing

The best thing about mobile invoicing is that it allows you to create an invoice template after the job is done and forwarded to the client for payment. This process can also be automated using many accounting software programs. The process saves you time and the stress of snail mail and their alternatives. A smart invoice template allows your customer to pay you in an instant before the due date. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Integration With Your Accounting Software

Mobile invoice tracking makes most accounting software programs that manage your financial records better. For example, MixBit gives you a chance to enter invoice amount and invoices from its mobile app, therefore, eliminating the possibility of double entries and get you paid before the due date. This encourages accurate and smoother expense management in all formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc.

  • Capture Signatures and Generate Receipts

Modern mobile invoicing software allows users to capture their signature and the clients’ sign with a stylus or finger on your mobile phone. This is handy for adding your signature or receiving approval on an estimate to a bill before sending it to the client for payment. It also allows you to print receipts easily to keep up with your accounting paperwork.

  • Centralized Storage

If your software supports cloud storage, all your estimates and invoice template will be remotely stored, giving you easy access to your records. Keeping some documents in the cloud helps to free local memory on your mobile device while giving you the range to access your files from any device of your choice.

Other helpful ways to invoice tracker, client meetings or progress on a project are to include notes or pictures to clients’ records. Also, programs like MixBit help separate your invoices into categories, giving you a clear view of your billing. This also gives you a chance to know if you’d need to send an invoice template to request payment.

How to Get Started with Mobile Invoicing?

You’ll need an application software that connects to your accounting software. A credit card reader will also be required if you plan to accept payment via your cellphone. If you have MixBit the app syncs every payment data of yours to your books. You can choose how much you want to use the mobile invoice tracking template.

Most mobile payment solutions come with a free card reader. GoPayment card reader accepts magstripe cards and is portable, lightweight, and connects through Bluetooth. You can also upgrade to receive the payment through Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Upfront payment is not required. Most of the platforms use a pay-as-you-go system that collects flat Fey and a small percentage.

Small businesses should make in-depth research on invoice tracking technologies to figure out the ones that are best for their business. Imputing a mobile invoice tracking as part of your accounting procedure helps you save a lot of time, provides faster payment collection, and streamlines your processes.

The flexibility of managing an invoice template from anywhere will help improve customer experiences, grow your venture, and also manage your cash efficiently.

The invoice tracker template provides the ease of issuing an invoice template like never before. You might face many unique challenges as a business owner when you are new to mobile technology. One of them will be about making sure there’s enough money to keep your business growing and healthy.

It’s not just you. Many entrepreneurs have identified low cash flow while performing invoice tracking as a prominent reason why startups crash.

Staying up to date on outstanding payments and issuing timely invoices is the best way to stay on top of your cash flow issues. If you’re able to send out invoices while you’re taking care of other tasks such as invoice tracking outside of the office is an excellent thing.

Self-employment is gold nowadays, and it gives you the chance to explore. Whether you’re attending a meeting, visiting a supplier, or traveling for a job, chances are, you’re never in the same place for long.

You need a mobile invoice software if you want to keep up with being a modern entrepreneur. This is why we developed the MixBit invoicing software that creates an invoice template in all the formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF. It also tracks the invoice template with the help of an invoice tracker for you anywhere, anytime.

 Accounting software and Mixbit allows you to be on top of your finance anywhere, anytime.

  • Quicker and more efficient: The ability to e able to send invoices from tablets or mobile phones helps to increase the efficiency of your workflow. You won’t have to waste your time entering an expense or creating an invoice tracker template since you’ll be able to access your account whenever you want.
  • More convenient: If you’re like most people that take their smartphone anywhere, you can efficiently conduct business and invoice tracker wherever you are. You don’t need to feel stuck in your desk since the invoicing app and the tracker template allows you to be autonomous and independent while handling your business.
  • Less paperwork: Creating an invoice tracker or expense on your tablet or phone requires no form of paperwork. Each document and template is synced to your devices, and any changes made will be automatically updated to the cloud. This makes it a lot easier to monitor your finances without any paperwork.

Whenever you’re ready, install the MixBit invoicing software on your Android, Apple, or iPad device.

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