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Chapter 7

Best Invoicing Solutions For Different Purposes

Author: Bhaval Patel

Best Solution for Invoice Builder

Get more out of the best invoicing solutions, which is one of the best appropriate solutions for you. We help you resolve the accounting aspect of your business including all the basic and complex invoicing tasks.

Best Solution for Invoice Builder

PayPal Invoice Builder

One of the secured and common methods of payment is PayPal. You may be lucky if most of your customers have PayPal accounts. With the popularity of the payment gateway, customers will see it as a convenient and safe means to make online payments.

Regardless of whether your PayPal account is personal or business, you can easily issue invoices and receive payments with either a credit or debit card or bank transfer, as well as your PayPal balance. The money is received in your PayPal account when the customer makes payment. The transfer can be done from your PayPal account into a debit card or a bank account, depending on the limit at any time.

It is easy to prepare an invoice with this means. Whether it is an hourly or quantity based billing, you want with your preferred currency and tax rate. If you have to design a bulk invoice, you can import the details from a file into the invoices. If the customer is to make payments in parts, you can as well create recurring invoices.

If the owner of the invoice does not have a PayPal account, it is no excuse for not getting paid. To be on the safe end of the spectrum, you can instruct the customer on how to make payment beforehand, because they may not immediately see the option to pay without having a PayPal account.

PayPal price:

For the creation of accounts and sending invoices, the cost is free

For processing payment, the cost is 2.9%+$0.30 for each transaction

Best Invoicing Solution For Payments Via Wire Transfer


One of the easiest invoicing solutions that are also useful for processing online payment is Stripe. It is a payment gateway with wire transfer and will keep your customers’ bank details confidential.

Sometimes, some of your customers may prefer payment through wire transfer. This means you have to supply them with some of your banking details like routing number, account number, and bank name.

Best Invoicing Solution For Payments Via Wire Transfer

Stripe invoicing solution will create virtual account numbers to receive wire transfused from customers. This means your banking details are safe. After receiving the payment, you can send it to your bank account at your convenience.

You can create and send different invoices at a time as well as managing recurring payments and invoices. All the features needed to create a professional and branded invoice are present on the app.

Stripe price:

For a start, all invoices you create and send are free, including recurring invoices for up to $1 million. There’s a charge of 0.4% on recurring payments after the $1 million is exceeded. For a reconciliation of invoices, that Stripe helps you auto reconcile, and the payment is received by wire transfer or bank transfer, you are charged $7 per invoice.

For processing payment, the cost is 2.9% + $0.30 for each card transaction. For wire transfer, the cost is $8 per transaction. For bank transfer, the cost is 0.8% + $5.

Best Invoicing Software For Sending Paper Invoices


Zoho invoice can prepare an invoice specifically for your brand and send it to your customers. After you have added all the necessary details and chosen your preferred template, you can proceed to complete the invoice by adding the service details and tax rate.

You can choose to send via email after creating it or schedule it for another time. For customers that want it in a physical form, Zoho invoicing can print the invoice on paper and mail it to your customers for $2. The mail is sent with a return envelope. This is where the customer will mail you your payment after receiving the invoice.

It is one of the best ways to send and receive payment via mailing service.

Price for Zoho invoicing:

This invoicing solution is free for one user to make unlimited invoices for a maximum of 5 customers. For one user sending unlimited invoices to a maximum of 50 customers, the service charge is $9 per month.

Zoho Payment Processing Price:

Zoho invoicing only accepts payment from third-party apps. The customer is charged according to the payment terms of the selected third-party apps. Payments can be made through Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

Best Invoicing Tool That Converts Time Tracking to Invoices


This invoicing solution is designed to track time. It can be accessed via the tabs mentioned above. After you have selected a customer and the project to work on, the software automatically keeps a record of the hours you spent working for the customer. The time can be logged out while you’re away to continue whenever you resume the work. If you’re working with other members, your team progress is also logged on the system.

The software may not be everyone’s choice. You can check for other time tracking apps in the latter part of this guide.

With the app, you can assign a task to each member of the team for different projects and monitor the progress of each member’s assignment. With this, you get to notice a member who’s not contributing to the growth of the project. It helps you complete past projects and adjust to your performance when you have similar projects to execute.

Best Invoicing Tool That Converts Time Tracking to Invoices

When you’re done with the project, you can import the details of an invoice for your customers to see what they’re paying for. Time tracking apps are useful for teams to work together under a limited time.

Price for Harvest invoicing:

For one uses and only two projects at a time, the invoicing solution is free for unlimited usage. You are going to be charged $12 per month for one user and unlimited invoicing for all projects.

Price for payment processing:

Payment only acceptable via third party apps and like a PayPal and Stripe you are charged based on the third-party apps pricing structure

Best Invoicing Solution for Preparing Invoices with Contracts


This invoicing solution is a software that manages tasks and tracks time, especially for freelancers who love to work on an hourly basis. It comes with necessary features you need to manage your time and business as a freelancer, from drafting proposals, tracking time as you progress on a customer’s job, creating invoices, and accepting payments.

To create a contract on this invoicing software, you are provided with different templates and different terms you wish to include in the invoice like payment terms and rights, you can as well request e-signatures.

An invoice can be created from your work in progress for proper billing. You can also prepare an invoice as you start a new project. Invoices made from existing projects will add up automatically to the invoice.  You can review the invoice before sending it.

Price for AND.CO:

Invoicing software is free for only one customer. To generate invoices for unlimited customers, and edit contracts, the price is $18 per month. You can also remove the parent branding with this plan.

Price for payment process:

You can only receive payments through third-party apps like Stripe and PayPal. You are charged depending on the payment terms of any payment gateway you decide to use.

You’ll find various apps in the roundup of freelancers bookkeeping apps.

Best Invoicing Solutions for Invoicing and Accounting


If you want more out of invoicing software, this is one of the solutions for you. MixBit can help you with the accounting aspect of your business, with the same delivery from core accounting apps like QuickBooks or Zero. MixBit also helps you with all basic and complex invoicing tasks.

You can check how far your team has come with profits and income with other financial reports. You can access all areas in bold, clear, and flashy fonts. On the invoicing system, you can access all past and present records, including overdue invoices.

Preparing and editing invoices is quick and apt. You can edit and import the progress of the job into an invoice. Your business bank account can also be integrated into the MixBit platform.

Best Low-cost Payment Invoicing Software


This is one of the best accounting tools you’ll find out there. It is not only useful for accounting purposes; you can prepare and manage invoices, as well as receive payments with this software. It can be used by small business owners and self-employed individuals to manage invoices and accounts.

As a self-employed person, you can prepare and send invoices, track and receive payments, and demand reports. For small business owners, this invoicing solution can do all that a self-employed person would do on the system and add a full-service payroll.

Aside from the basic invoicing tasks it helps you execute, the Invoicing app also doesn’t charge much to make payments.

For every payment made through QuickBook online, the charge is $0.05 lesser than other means of payment. For bank transfer, you are charged just 1%. Card payments can be disabled when creating an invoice to avoid charging you whenever a customer makes payment.

Additionally, you can also use the QuickBooks invoicing feature with any QuickBooks hosting providers.

Best Invoicing Solution Sending Invoices via Messaging Apps


Sometimes customers may forget that you have sent them an invoice after receiving other emails in their inbox. To ensure that they see the invoice quickly, invoice2go makes sure you get paid on time by helping you send invoices through any mobile messaging app.

Start by completing the necessary fields you are provided with on an Android or iOS app. The next step is to choose how you’re sending the invoice. Communicating through a mobile messaging app also includes Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.

Your customers will get the message in the form of something link directing them to invoice2go, where the invoice can be viewed and downloaded. Then, they can proceed to make payment.

With invoice2go, there’s no breach of personal information while you’re sending an invoice. Customers can as well make secure payments through the invoice2go portal online.

Price for invoice2go:

There are two plans on the invoice2go platform, Lite, and Standard. For the lite plan, you can generate 50 invoices for up to 5 customers, and at the rate of $5 per month. The standard plan enables you to send 20 invoices for up to 25 clients and advanced access features for $11 per month.

Price for payment process:

Payments are receivable through Stripe alone, and the charge is dependent on what plan you subscribe to.

Best Self-hosted Invoicing Solution


Pancake allows you to run its software on your server after paying a one time fee. It enables you to track time and generate invoices as you progress on a job. When you buy a Pancake software, you get a free installation guide and also get to change all the themes to your preferred choice.

It also allows customers to log on to your system and see how far you have gone with their projects, and check their bills. With this, information can be exchanged easily between you and your customers.

Price for Pancake

A one-time payment is accepted, $179, and it comes with a free installation guide.

Payment processing fees:

You can only make payments through third-party apps, and each payment gateway has a different transaction charge.

Best Invoicing Plan for Status Visibility

This is one invoicing app you’d love to use as communication between you and your customer just got better. You can now send and track invoice status on the system without reminding a customer whether they have seen it.

You can check whether it has been delivered, approved, and when you’re getting paid. You don’t have to guess if the customer has seen and read the invoice or not. It displays in the form of a bar on your device.

You can as well work with your customers on the software. They can schedule their payment due and approve your work as you progress and view the cost of the job done so far. They can as well make payments as you progress by connecting finance approvers and accounts section to release the payment.

You can leave a message on the invoice page in case you want the client to be informed before making a payment. You can get these features from other invoicing solutions, but they may be slow.

Price for

Your customer can send you an invite link to join as a vendor if they have an active subscription on the software. You can also access numerous features by paying $39 per month. This is called the Essential plan, and it includes unlimited storage space, workflow approval, and you are free to select from different roles.

Payment processing fees:

For every ePayment or bank transfer you make, you are charged a transaction fee of $0.49. For every payment made through card transaction, you are charged 2.75% + $0.15

Integrating Payment Apps with Your Invoicing Software


Integrating Payment Apps with Your Invoicing Software


With platforms such as, payment just got easier. It is a merchant hub that offers several ways to make payments, including local payments.

You can integrate it Into your business website and invoicing tools to help customers make secure payments with or without having a card. It is accessible all over the world, and payment is secure, as well as being making payments in over 150 currencies.

2. Sofort Banking

SOFORT works just like online banking, but in this case, you don’t need a virtual account to make a payment or move funds. It is safe and direct as customers who choose SOFORT as their preferred option of payment will be linked directly to the website payment tab.

3. Coinbase

Bitcoin is a digital currency and is fast becoming a global currency that can be accepted for any purchase. With Coinbase as a payment gateway, the currency you’re dealing with is bitcoin, and it can be exchanged into your preferred currency after receiving payment.

Simply, link your bank account after creating a wallet. Bitcoin is sent to the receiver within minutes. It is safe, and transaction charges are very low compared to some other payment gateway.

4. Alipay

This is a trusted payment gateway, especially if your customers are located in China. Having over 300 million users, you could tell that the service is reliable for payment.

5. Apple Pay

For invoicing solutions having Stripe as their third party payment option, Apple pay users can make payments with their iOS apps. With a store credit card, you’re one click away from making payment. If you own a mobile business, you can as well receive payments through Apple pay from anywhere in the world.

6. WorldPay

Worldpay can be integrated into your business to accept payments from global clients. Regardless of the business size, it is capable of helping you receive payments from any connective device. It is secure and manages your transactions on their website.

7. PayFast

PayFast works just like an online service that helps you get paid in a quick time. You get to make payment through different methods like Card transactions, MasterPass, Bitcoin, and other popular accepted means. You start by creating a virtual account that gets activated after 24 hours at no cost. It is also a secured payment gateway. It has been integrated with over 80 platforms.

8. eWay

This is a trusted service used by most business owners in Australia. It can be integrated into an invoice ninja account and linked with the customer’s Australian bank account.

9. Buckaroo

You can now merge all your business tools with Buckaroo; it helps you manage finance and billing structures. You also get to spend lesser time with accounting tasks offline. It is one of the most popular payment gateways in the Netherlands.

10. Pin Payments

This payment gateway is Australian based and accepts all types of cards with different currencies you can pay with. It can be integrated with invoice ninja for online accounting solutions for your business. You can make the international payment too, and you only need your virtual account details to accept payments. It is fast and reliable with same day approval when you sign up.

11. Multi Safepay

Having a service that integrates into your business tools to help you manage accounts and invoicing as well as providing your clients with the common payment method available in their location, is great. It is a mobile-friendly tool, and the security is always updated to keep you and customer details safe and confidential. It is always updated with the latest payment methods, new languages, and several currencies customers can pay with.

12. Mollie

Another Netherlands based payment gateway with fast and reliable services, it accepts both local and international transactions and is easy to set up within a few minutes. Their customer service is friendly and always available to attend your request. It’s API can connect with invoice ninja to help simplify your accounting tasks. With Mollie,  you can move your office online and save the extra cost of employing an accountant.

13. Bitpay

Another payment gateway that accepts bitcoin globally, with over 30 countries and ten currencies in reach, it helps you receive payment in bitcoin that can be converted to your currency. It is safe and fast; you won’t get a chargeback as well. It can sync with invoice ninja, too,  to help you get paid faster.

14. First Data

First Data is a great tool for payment and accounting. Small business owners can now integrate their business tools with it and experience smoothness in their accounting process. It is also safe for accepting payment, and it helps vendors get paid quickly.

15. Payment Express

Whether you’re making payment online or in-store, this payment gateway is ideal for credit card transactions anywhere in the world. It is connected to the most point of sales terminals to make quick payments. Also, when integrated with an invoicing solution, you get access to almost all impossible accounting data that gives you a hard time online. It is suitable for almost every business, and it is fast and secure. It can also integrate with almost all invoicing solutions.

16. Netbanx

Netbanx is a leading payment gateway in the USA and most parts of Europe, as well as other parts of the world. It is also a solution provider for most business owners as it helps them run their business smoothly online. It saves a lot of stress and task because your global customers now have no excuse for paying without their preferred currencies.

17. SagePay

This payment gateway is efficient for almost all types of businesses and is accepted throughout the UK. Customers can now pay with a physical card, whether online or in-store and over the phone. With its ability to integrate with ePOS, you can make payments over the phone. The charges are considerate and moderate for almost everyone to afford.  Their customer service is reliable too,  and Sage pay is connected with most UK banks for PCI DSS compliance.

18. Barclaycard

Barclaycard is one of the oldest and secure means of payment in Europe. It is a trusted service for all credit card owners, and it comes with many solutions for your business and helps it integrate with all your online business tools. The service can be accessed via a payment page on the Web, and it accepts debit and credit cards. Customers canvas well make payments through their devices, whether on a PC or mobile phone. It also offers added features when connected with your business and invoicing solutions online.

19. Cardgate+

Cardgate is an online, easy to install payment system based in the Netherlands, and it comes with several payment options for customers. The service is easy and reliable when you connect with your invoicing software. It is available in different plans, spending on the size of your business for the sake of simplicity, and this gives it the capacity to serve whatever business it is being Integrated with.

20. CyberSource

Cybersource is another efficient business management program and multiple payment gateway systems. Customers can now make payments globally via a POS terminal, Web, bank transfer, call center, digital wallet, card payments, and other available means. There’s no excuse for missing payment deadlines from clients.

Its business management side is great for all commercial apps and invoicing software. It operates under the Visa network, so its service can be trusted by new and old users.

21. EcoPayz

This Payment service is available globally and accepts payments in up to 50 currencies. It is a high-security payment gateway that keeps your customers’ details confidential; they also do not have to panic about chargebacks as the service is efficient enough to handle any type of payment.

Your customers won’t get charged for using ecoPayz, and it is fast and reliable. The distance between you and your client is also not a barrier.


22. Pagar

This payment gateway is widely regarded as Brazil’s pioneer payment system. It is a service that is directly linked with all credit card firms and is built to offer you the best online payment experience. Customers can make a payment from your website to complete a purchase as it is easy to set up and integrate with other business software.

You are not only getting convenient payments; your integrated invoicing software will serve you more as it helps you overcome financial issues and manage your invoicing and revenue in one system. It is secure and easy to set up for your business.

23. PaySafe

You can now make easy payments online globally and get your customers to use this reliable and fast payment solution. From over 500,000 sales outlets all over the world, you can get a Paysafe card with a personal credit-loaded PIN, with this payment becoming easy because you can now pay online with a Paysafe card to stores that accept Paysafe cards.

Other services like checking card balance, discounts, and van be accessed via the app. It is highly secured and can work with most invoicing software for customers to experience easy payments.

24. Secure PayTrace Payments

This service offers payment via point of sale, mobile phones, and online transactions, for the sake of easy payments. Customers can now create a profile and personalize their interface or choose between a basic or pro plan; all of this to make payment interesting for customers. When it is connected to your online business solutions, you can rest assured that it is a task simplifier for all accounting issues you encounter.

25. Secure Trading

This payment processing service is widely utilized in the UK and is recommended for small businesses to manage their payment issues efficiently. It accepts local and international payments and helps boost your business growth by improving billing and financial tasks.

26. MultiCards

This is one of the world’s leading online payment gateway that is characterized by easy and fast payment. It can also work with invoicing solutions to help improve your business. It is safe and can be integrated with many online stores. Their service also offers accessible customer service, and you get paid with no extra charge. Multicards accept payments in Europe, GBP, and US dollars.

27. Realex Payments

This payment service is not only secure for users, but it also helps small business owners grow their businesses at a low cost and allow their access to financial reports from time to time. Payment is fast and can be integrated with almost every business tool.

28. Sisow Payment Innovations

One popular payment solution also from the Netherlands. It is efficient and safe to pay for any acquired service, as well as helping small businesses with account management. It is a free service and quick to register.

29. MasterCard

MasterCard is known for making instant payments anywhere in the world; it offers easy payment for care users online. You can use the service on any accessible tab.

30. Pag Seguro

Known as Brazil’s most popular and biggest online payment portal, this service is trusted globally and gets over a billion views almost every month.

31. Paymill

This is a top payment processing service in most parts of Europe, especially Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. Your business also enjoys the many benefits, and it offers for solving accounting problems.

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